Tribute to Tony Conrad

Almost two years later, it’s still hard to believe Tony Conrad played Hopscotch Music Festival. What a moving experience to witness such a visionary firsthand right here in Raleigh. Thanks for everything you gave the world, Mr. Conrad.

Tony Conrad performing at Hopscotch 2014 in Raleigh, NC

Tony Conrad performing at Hopscotch 2014 in Raleigh, NC

“Tony Conrad…He was always there, silent, smiling. Few words. When you said something to him, he answered with a chuckle and smile, seldom any word, or just a nod. Doing, performing, contributing, inspiring, co-working, never taking credit, as if he wasn’t even there or did nothing… FLAMING CREATURES, it wouldn’t even had taken off, if not for the sound track he did for it. THE FLICKER — a monumental work, he seldom even mentioned it, like it was somebody else who made it…Velvet Underground… Would it have happened without him? He never took any credit for it… Like Angus MacLise, the other invisible, his friend: he remained silent, invisible key co-worker behind so much that happened in the early Sixties and changed music, cinema, and us all.” – Jonas Mekas


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