In Our Street Clothes

Art Lord and the Self-Portraits / Greenville, NC / 2004

Flying Salsa was a short-lived burrito joint on the corner of S. Evans St. and E. 5th St. in Greenville. They hosted quite a few shows, and those of us in bands lucky enough to play there were fed Mexican food and beer to our heart’s content and always left with some extra spending money in our pockets.

Art Lord bassist, William Cashion in a legendary Listessa shirt

Art Lord bassist, William Cashion, in a legendary Listessa shirt


  • Art Lord and the Self-Portraits is the precursor to Future Islands
  • The Quails was a short-lived name. Soon after this show, they changed their moniker to The Capulets. After The Capulets broke up, Stu McLamb started The Love Language and Josh Pope started The Light Pines (and then after that, recorded songs as Cocoon).
  • Dig Shovel Dig was originally from Asheville. Now living in two different states, Ted Robinson and Mark Williams recorded their last album, America With 2 East Coasts in 2012