I’ve spent decades lurking in living rooms and clubs, pressed up against sweaty bodies and reverberating speakers. Nothing makes me feel so alive. Over the years, I’ve played in bands, DJ-ed, booked shows, played shows, gone to countless shows. Remnants of these shows are everywhere in my home; flyers fall out of books on my shelves, ticket stubs and buttons pack cigar boxes to the brim, and I could drown in the sea of photographs on my external hard drive. All of the shows I’ve been to and the bands I support mean so much to me. I’d like to share some of my memories of these moments with you.

Stay tuned for more original anecdotes and and DIY memorabilia. 2016 has left Loud Ballads on the back burner while I focus on performing arts, like my solo project, Spookstina and my noise ensemble project, Tumult Menagerie. Looking to hear my music or poetry in person? Check out my upcoming events. Want to know more about these projects? Here’s an interview I did for Auntie Bellum Magazine in August 2016.

All photos and memorabilia owned by Christina Cucurullo, unless otherwise stated.



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