Upcoming: Choose Your Own Adventure!

UPDATE 4/11/14: I had every intention of having a new post up about the winner, but there has been a TIE! I am working on a creative solution to pick a winner. Thanks for voting!

Hi, all! Thanks so much for spreading the love and visiting Loud Ballads each week. I’ve been live for a month and have received over 200 views! As a big ol’ thank you, I’d like to let you choose which band you want to see from next. Here are a few random choices with a little bit of span. I’ll keep the voting open through Thursday night and will sling up a new post on Friday.

One other item of business: if you don’t know what to do with that pile of flyers collecting dust in the corner of your room and are thinking of throwing it away, STOP! I will adopt your collection if it needs a new home. Love and dirt, friends!

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